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Dating in Wales

This internet dating in Wales site will help you meet a Welsh woman, or man for that matter, which may lead to something special long term for you. Come Online Dating in Wales as many of these Welsh singles live near you and are looking for a Welsh girlfriend or boyfriend too! You could soon be enjoying smwch, cwtch and cwtsh moments together with your Welsh lover via this Wales Matchmaking Service. This is not strictly a Wales Dating Agency in Wales, but it is a Wales dating site where you can find a Welsh woman or man who will suit you. This DatingInWales service is fully featured with a wide selection of suitable Welsh singles who you will be able to get into contact with. If you live in Wales you should sign up for this Wales Dating Service and hopefully you will soon be on your way to find love in Wales.

Online dating Wales

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  • Many Welsh singles
  • 50/50 Male/Female Ratio
  • All age ranges
  • Many people local to you
  • Genuine members
  • Instant messaging
  • Recommended matches
  • All profiles checked
  • Online chat
  • Mobile friendly
  • 24/7 support
  • Safe and secure

Happy Members

I have managed to surprise myself and meet a fair number of nice girls via this site, so thank you smwch people.
Gareth Bridgend

The men on here are very manly - just the way I like it. All Welsh too, so that's allright by me!
Jenny Pontypool

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