Welsh Is a Difficult Language

Learning the Welsh Language

Learning the Welsh Language

A recent survey has been published to show how people use the Welsh language. The survey was established to try and understand how the Welsh language is used and in what context.

The main findings are as follows:- The percentage of fluent Welsh speakers is quite similar to the numbers in the Welsh Language Use Surveys of 2004-06, yet 131,000 more people now say they speak a little Welsh.

The percentage of those who speak Welsh daily hasn’t changed since the last survey findings and there is a visible link between areas of the country in relation to highest concentration of Welsh speakers and fluency.

The areas of Wales with the most concentration of fluent Welsh speakers such as Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Gwynedd and the Isle of Anglesey have seen a slight a decrease since the last survey. The areas with a large increase in fluent Welsh speakers were :- Rhondda Cynon Taf, with an increase of 5,000; and in Cardiff with an increase of approximately 7,000 more.

Today’s younger Welsh speakers are likely to have learnt it in extra lessons away from school.

The survey has been an interesting insight into the Welsh language, and the overall conclusion is that is surprising how many Welsh people can fluently speak the language, especially when you consider what a relatively hard langauge it it to learn. If you do speak Welsh, and you’re single, then then why not try and find someone else who can speak the language too at the Smwch Dating website.

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