Welsh Woman of the Month – June 2014

Degree educated Jenn from Portskewett, Gwent is our Welsh Woman of the Month for June. Attractive and single we reckon it won’t be long before she finds her Prince Charming! Find out what this Welsh beauty has to say about herself on her profile….

Welsh Beauty Jenn

“Hi there, thanks for looking at my profile…:-)) !
“I’m versatile, fun-loving, compassionate, affectionate, loyal, and introspective, with a big heart, appetite for life and love of adventure. I\\u2019m fairly social, but not a social butterfly. I\\u2019d rather a deep conversation than several light ones. I love animals and get along well with people who like or love non-human creatures, at least dogs, please! Of course, a general admiration for homo sapiens, is also appreciated….

“I thought I would never write this type of conditional statement, but if you do not like animals, we won’t get along!

“Enough demands though — now positive vibes time…^..^ …!

“I am from another continent but speak the British language well enough to get by. I am a writer by trade, explaining the wordiness and verbosity. I love music, including small gigs, big concerts, festivals– mostly indie, rock, hip hop, soul, and R&B. I also love dancing, travel, snowboarding, watching sports in a festive atmosphere, theatre, movies, reading and writing fiction, cooking, and baking cakes, holding hands.

“Water is also a big attraction for me — beaches, lakes, rivers, lush tropical pools and waterfalls. I love amusement parks, BBQs, camping, nature in general but also getting dolled up for fun nights out on the town or to a local restaurant or pub.

“I tend to have strong, long-lasting friendships and relationships in general and get along well with most people, as long as they are genuine and kind. I have backbone and can easily stand up for myself and loved ones. I value close relationships based on depth and authenticity in both male and female friends. I think others find me a little unusual in an unostentatious way (…I’ve been called ‘quirky’ before…), but someone in whom friends want to confide secrets, worries, serious troubles, as well as positive aspirations and good fortune. Oh no I’ve said too much…I haven’t said enough.

“Although I am somewhat independent, I tend to be loyal, giving and devoted once in a serious relationship and like men who are the same. Good hands, a great sense of humour, and excellent personal hygiene are all admirable, and a lack of feminine physical attributes, such as a limp wrist, also appreciated…:-))

Jenn’s interests include Pop Music, Rock Music, Movies, Theatre, Dancing, Animals, Gardening, The Arts, The Outdoors, DIY/Crafts, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, Reading, Cooking, Travelling, Keep Fit, Sports (Playing) and Sports (Watching).

To get in touch with Jenn click on her photo which will take your direct to her member profile. To search for other Welsh hotties in Gwent check out this dating in Gwent guide.


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I am a bit of a romantic at heart and I think I am a hit with the ladies. I enjoy the arts as well as eating out. My posts reflect my outgoing lifestyle and I hope you enjoy reading them.
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