The Only Way is Wales?

The cast for the TV show The Valleys

Society these days cannot seem to get enough of the over-acting in ‘reality’ shows that display the daily lives of ‘normal’ people from various parts of the UK. We have The Only Way is Essex; which birthed many a catch phrase including Amy Childs and her infamous ‘shuuuuuuutup’ and ‘Oh my God’. Let’s not forget that the show introduced us to new words such as ‘Reem’. Other programme that suckle at the metaphorical ‘reality’ show are Made in Chelsea and Geordie Shore.

It would seem that within the umbrella of such a programme we come to love some rather unique and different individuals; and The Only Way is Wales aka The Valleys is no exception. The cast consist of a rather wide variety of people; including wannabe film stars and aspiring models. One cast member modestly refers to herself as the Beyonce of the Valleys, and another has specific nicknames for each of her breasts!

MTV has announced good viewing figures for its a controversial reality The Only Way is Wales TV programme that began airing recently. The aim of the show is to take the nine cast members out of the quiet, rolling hills of the Valleys and thrust them into the limelight of Cardiff. All the cast members only dream of stardom, but in this new TV series they will actually be able to see if they can make it!

Housemates in the show include 21 years old law graduate Jenna Jonathan from Tonyrefail, who received breast implants as an 18th birthday present, and 25 years old bricklayer Darren Chidgey, of Bridgend, who dreams of being a male model.

Labourer Leeroy Reed, 21, wants to become an urban music hit, while teenage kick-boxing fanatic Aron Williams wants to become “the Welsh Jean Claude Van Damme”.

Another cast member, call centre senior manager Carley Belmonte, from Caerphilly, wants to become a TV presenter, while accounts administrator Lateysha Grace pledged in her audition to be “the Beyonce of the Valleys”.

Rugby fan Liam Powell wants to make it as an international DJ – though – he has said he didn’t go on the show to become famous. Ha – fat chance!

Natalee Harris, 23, hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a model, while teenage hairdresser Nicole Morris, from Swansea, would “love to be famous” and is looking for a celebrity boyfriend.

Their progress is presided over by two mentors – 31 years old glamour model and photographer Anna Kelle, and nightclub promoter Jordan Reed, 28.

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant has described the show as “hideously patronising”. But its producer has hailed the area as a “brilliant setting for a constructed reality show”.

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