Imogen Thomas Flashes Her Boobs

Imogen Thomas shows her support for the Welsh rugby team by flashing her boobs with Cmon Wales written on them, and then uploading the picture to Twitter.

imogen thomas tits

Imogen's Boobs

Imogen Thomas gets her tits out is a crude way of saying Imogen Thomas has flashed her boobs. Last weekend, the ex Miss Wales posted a rather fabulous picture of her breasts on Twitter to show her support for the Welsh rugby team before a match last weekend against Italy.

The former Big brother star wasn’t in the country to watch the rugby though – instead she was sunning herself on holiday in Thailand, with her current boyfriend, city trader Adam Horsley.

After the match had finished and Wales had won, 30 years old Imogen tweeted: Well done boys! Grandslam here we come!

Now, we are sure the Welsh rugby team had other things on their minds than reading her tweets, but it is good to see Imogen showing her support in such a unique way.

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