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Navy boy Adam from Middlesborough picked Welsh beauty Mimi Rees from Llandudno in a recent episode of the hit TV show Take Me Out but Mimi is now back in Wales looking for love.

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Despite enjoying her date with Adam, 20 year old Take Me Out contestant Mimi admits she wishes she’d remembered the show’s catchphrase “if you’re turned off, turn off” and turned her light off – the show’s way of showing she didn’t want to date him.

After failing to find that spark of love on their date on the mysterious Isle of Fernandos, she’s now back in Wales on the lookout for a boyfriend, preferably one she won’t get bored of easily.

The host of the ITV show Take Me Out Paddy McGuiness often says “no likey, no lighty” to the thirty flirty girls, but support worker Mimi forgot. She says “When I got down to the final two I was really regretting leaving the light on. I wish I’d waited a bit longer so I could’ve found someone I actually fancied.”

Surprisingly she says “I’ve never been in a proper relationship, I’ve pretty much always been single.”

Welsh beauty Mimi says: “I go on a lot of dates with guys, but I’m quite independent and I like doing my own thing so it doesn’t usually progress to anything serious.”

mimi rees

Mimi Rees


When it comes to her dream guy, Mimi says “He’d be dark, handsome and Welsh, and preferably a rugby player or something buff like that – a proper man’s man.”

“His conversation would have to make me laugh, he’d be good looking, get on with my family, kind, intelligent, have a decent job, spontaneous, exciting, and have the ability to keep me on my toes.”

So she’s not asking for much then!!

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